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About Threadbombing is a categorized and searchable repository of funny pics where you can download and upload image macros, animated gifs, and other random weird pics for posting in forum threads.

I create only a small percentage of the stuff you see on this site. Otherwise, I give credit when I know the source. If you know the source of something, please add it in a comment. I'm not trying to take credit for any of this crap and think it's lame to watermark pictures that you didn't make. If you own a picture on this site that you would like removed, just let me know and I'll take it down, or credit you, or whatever you want.

One last thing, I know that my logo has a grenade in it. I wasn't ripping anybody off when I made it years ago. It's just something I made really quickly without much thought. I didn't even know about Something Awful and to this day, I don't visit that site. Any resemblance is purley coincidental suckas.

Send any comments, requests, etc. to [email protected]


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